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Friday, 05 December 2014 00:00

A Brand New Frenzy

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It was a frenzy that got out of hand,…The certifications calmed things down. –Steve Goldman

A Brand New Frenzy


Gi Review: Banboo Frenzy is super soft but sizing seems to be an issue.

Submission Fight Company is releasing its newest limited edition kimono “Bamboo Frenzy” with some notable features that sets it apart from any other kimono being marketed to competitors. Ultra Soft & Comfortable, IBJJF Approved, Light 10oz pants.  The smallest kimono (A0 2lbs 12ozs) the largest kimono (A5 is 4lbs and 5ozs). Comparable with the Submission “Sensation” kimono you will have the pleasure of being nice and cool due to soft fabric yet this time it comes courtesy of a blend of rayon and Bamboo. However, to say the kimono is perfect would be a bit of a stretch. We tested it and unlike many these days it is not pre-shrunk but a shrink to fit kind of Kimono. The A1 was tested and is for a male ranging (5’2-5’5 110-145). We used a male (5’4 145) and the results were not exactly as advertised. After multiple attempts to (shrink the item to accommodate) the item still did not fit.  Suffice it to say, if it doesn’t fit, it won’t be IBJJF approved.  It is absolutely comfortable and the exorbitant amount of perspiration one is prone to doesn’t seem to affect the kimono’s ability to keep you cooler and dryer than before. [Click here to read more about bamboo and bamboo fabrics]

All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better. –Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Deneatra Terry

Name: Deneatra Mashan Terry (Dee Neat rah)

Occupation: Lifelong Anarchist/Inner peace Seeker (irony duly noted)

Deneatra’s home town is Ariton, Alabama, The Home of the Proud Lady Cats. She’s a 32 yr old mom of 2 boys, and a lifelong student. Thanks to the United States Air Force, she is not in debt and her edumakashun is paid for.

Deneatra was basically dragged into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kicking and screaming. BJJ has been the most therapeutic release for her, more so than 10 years of actual therapy. She trains in San Antonio, Texas under 3rd Degree Black Belt Bruno Alves. She is a PROUD blue belt. She cherishes the highs and dreads the lows but every step of the way is about the climb and she looks forward to every moment of it.