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Friday, 27 December 2013 00:00

DVD Review: Next Gen De La Riva Guard with Gianni Grippo

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Digitsu’s latest DVD is devoted to the De La Riva guard and is taught be Gianni Grippo.  Gianni is a brown belt, currently under Alliance and Marcelo Garcia, who’s has had a lot of success on the competition scene over the last few years.  The DVD is 85 minutes long, covers: DLR, berimbolo and reverse DLR and is available from Digitsu for $39.99 (DVD) or $19.95 (on-demand stream).  As an open guard player I was very excited when Digitsu announced this DVD and after spending a few months with it I can say that I very glad that I have a copy.  As always the study guide is available for download as a PDF at the link below.

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This article is intended to give you a study guide of that content so that you’re better able to use the information provided in the DVD.  As a study guide the review portion is going to be pretty light and I recommend reading the following reviews from Grapplers Review.

I found everything in the DLR section to be excellent, practical and fairly easy to implement.  Gianni is very engaging and does a good job demonstrating and teaching the techniques.  I also took a couple things from the reverse DLR section that were helpful almost immediately.  I’m not a huge berimbolo guy but I do like berimbolo to side mount transition that Gianni demonstrated.

Technical Specs:
The audio and video are sufficient for the task of relaying the information to you.  Digitsu uses different angles and also picture in picture to show the same technique from different perspectives.  Each technique is gone thru in detail multiple times twice and then demonstrated several more times.  From an overall production quality standpoint this is very similar to Stephan Kesting’s newer instructionals.

gianni grippo next gen dlr

Wrapping It Up:
Here it is in a few sentences.  Gianni did a very good job teaching in this DVD.  He’s not boring, has good insight/tips and chose good techniques to demonstrate.  Digitsu has kept the price reasonable ($39.99 DVD), on-demand option for $19.99, Apple’s iOS ($19.99) and soon for Android devices.  If you’re looking to add De La Riva to your game this is a great place to start. 

Please take a few moments to check out Digitsu at their website, Facebook and Twitter. Gianni can be found at Facebook and Twitter.  As always the study guide is available for download as a PDF at the link below.

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