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Monday, 06 June 2011 01:10

2011 Jiu Jitsu Worlds Men's & Women's Results

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2011 Women's Black Belt Finals 2011 Women's Black Belt Finals Kris Shaw - BJJ Legends Mag

The Men's Black Belt Results:

Roosterweight: Bruno Malfacine ( 4 - time world champ) beats Caio Terra in points, 4-2. 

Light Featherweight: Guilherme Mendes wins over Ary Farias.

Featherweight: Rafael Mendes beats Augusto Tanquinho by 2 advantage points to 1,  from a 4 to 4 draw.

Lightweight: Gilbert Durinho wins over Kron Gracie with a huge 9 to 2 victory.

Middleweight: Marcelo Garcia ( Now 5 time world champion) beats Lucas Leite.

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[social][/social]Medium Heavyweight: Sérgio Moraes beat Rômulo Barral  4 to 2.

Heavyweight: Rodolfo Vieira takes Bernardo Faria

Super Heavyweight: Léo Nogueira wins over Marcus Bochecha post a 2 to 2 draw and then a draw on advantage.

Ultraheavyweight: Antonio Braga Neto beats Rodrigo Cavaca by a huge 7 to 0 victory

Absolute: Rodolfo Vieira wins big over Bernardo Faria in their second bout - 9 to 0.

Women's Black/Brown Finals Results.

The women finished strong with few surprises.

Light Featherweight : Letícia Ribeiro beat out Nyjah Easton 3 - 2.  Leticia, who has an academy in San Diego, is now a 6 time world champion.

Featherweight: This is one of the surprises... Michelle Nicoline beats the infamous Kyra Gracie 3-1 via advantage points, from a 4 to 4 tie. Controversial and emotional.

Lightweight : Expected: Luanna Alzuguir conquers Luiza Monteiro and submits with a choke from the mounted position.

Middleweight : Hannette Staack took out  Ida Josefin with an amazing flying armbar submission.

Medium heavyweight : Talita Treta beat the South Afican, Penny Thomas, 4 points to none.

Heavyweight : Gabi Garcia submitted  Emily Wetzel early in the match to win the gold.

Absolute: Gabi also beat Bia Mesquita with a clock choke to win 2 golds for the day!

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