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Wednesday, 18 November 2009 17:55

Kettle Bell Excercise from Missy Beaver - Miss Fit - Dead Lift

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Missy Beaver, Miss Fit - Kettle Bell Exercises Missy Beaver, Miss Fit - Kettle Bell Exercises BJJ Legends Magazine - Royler Gracie, Wander Brage Issue

Missy Beaver (AKA Miss (Ms) Fit) demonstrates the Kettle Bell Dead Lift (for the Royler Gracie Issue of BJJ Legends - Jiu-Jitsu Legends [social][/social][einset][/einset]Magazine) at  Missy has a deep background in Kettle Bell and Personal Training/Fitness and brings a well rounded approach to cross training. Kettle bell is an excellent training tool for martial artists, MMA fighters and Jiu-Jitsu champions.







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Missy Beaver, Miss Fit, Kettle Bell Excercise - Dead Lift BJJLegends Magazine - Rolyer Graice Issue